Iguana Care


Have you wondered what it would be like to raise and take care of an Iguana ? Do you know what it will take to take care of one ? Do you know how many different species of  Iguana that there are ?

To take care of an iguana`s health is quite a simple process once you have have obtained all the necessary equipment.Most of the things you are going to need should ideally be brought prior to the purchase of your iguana,things such as a good sized vivarium, that will allow for future growth and room for it to move around, a heat mat,for night time heat ,the required lighting , Iguanas need UVA and UVB light to produce vitamin D3  the best source of this being natural sunlight , a good food supplement and a balanced diet,thermometre and two bowls, for clean water and  for food.
As long as you have a good understanding of what it`s needs will be,which can easily be sourced by a simple search on the internet–  there should be no reason why your pet iguana can`t  get everything that it will need for a healthy and vigorous life . Show your iguana you care,they are the same as all animals – and will feel happier if well cared for !

We will try to supply you with as much of the knowledge as you will need to supply the  care  your iguana will need during its life with you,its new found owner !

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Housing Your Iguana



A small iguana can live comfortably  in a 60 gallon vivarium,  for the first 12 months of their live They come in many different sizes, and shapes, and can made out of wood, glass, or plastic. The best thing is to be sure for the care of your iguana that it should be easy to clean out. . Avoid sand, soil, and bark,for the floor of your vivarium. Shallow r dishes should be provided for food and water, and thoroughly cleaned  at least twice a week. It is also important to provide your iguana with climbing materials such as branches, pieces of bark, rocks,  or  even pieces of drift wood if they are easy for you to find.

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General Care Tips


Small Guides of a few important thing for the care and best health of your Iguana


Cleaning An Iguana

Dietry Needs

Handling Your Young Lizard

Housing For Your Iguana

Light And Heat Needs

Metabolic Bone Disease

Reptile  Ticks & Mites

Useful Things To Know Aout Iguana`s

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bullet small10 Guide2 Humidity In The Living Area And The Importance
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Dietry Needs


A very small amount of calcium carbonate  and maybe a vitamin powder should be  mixed into the iguana`s  salad on a daily basis.  The calcium powder should not contain any phosphorous. An iguana having regular  UVB light, or better still,direct  sunlight,  will make its own vitamin D3 via absorbing the sunlight through its skin.

You  should be feeding  your iguana a diet that is made up of fresh greens, such as  dandelion leaves, mustard, water cress, turnip greens,  occasionally herbs such as –  basil, cilantro, rocket,thyme,oregano will be enjoyed as part of a varied diet.



Iguanas need frequent and regular handling to help to make them tame. Iguanas  will learn to show affection to their owners and people who may handle them frequently. Young Iguana`s  should be held at least a couple of times  per day  for around  fifteen  to twenty minutes. Stroke the back  while holding them, and this will help get your iguana used  to being  picked up and handled. If the taming is left too  long and the lizard does not get used to while young,it  will be difficult to change it back round !