Metabolic Bone Disease


The Signs  of Metabolic Bone Disease

Some of the abnormal signs and symptoms include knobs on legs or spine, softening of the jaw (aka “rubber jaw”) which will make chewing difficult, twitches in limbs, weakness, abnormal walking and lethargy. The iguana’s color may fade. In the latter stages, the iguana will stop eating and will not even be interested in his favorite foods.


A good UVB bulb should be on throughout the day to help him metabolize his diet and absorb plenty of calcium. The bulb should be changed twice per year. The heat lamp needs to be on day and night to help keep the temperature around 85 degrees  celcius.

There  diet should be  of staple foods – mustard greens, dandelion greens, escarole and other foods to add  colour and nutrients,vary the diet so you are sure theres also a variety of nutrients.


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